Cenforce 100

Cenforce over-the-counter

Cenforce – Generic by Viagra

Cenforce 100 mg is a generic medicine from the well-known Viagra, the first sexual enhancer in this series. The preparation successfully fights various erectile disorders and helps the men to renovate their strength. Sex is one of the most important things of man in life. He inspires and cheerful every day.


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The representatives of the strong sex not only use the sexual energy in bed, but it helps them to overcome the problems in everyday life. Sex is health in the psychological and physiological sense. It enables family relationships and makes them happy.

The sex deficiency becomes a major cause of the development of erectile dysfunction. But Cenforce 100 can help with that. The preparation can be reached without a prescription in every pharmacy.

The Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Nowadays, men often fail from sexual pleasure, the reasons may be different:

  • the over-tiredness;
  • the lack of time;
  • bad mood
  • Stress and depression.

It is not understood that sex can be a cure for these problems. If the erectile problem is already chronic, Cenforce experiences come to the rescue. This preparation gives the man the belief that he can restore his male sexuality. And that’s really true. After the Cenforce 100 buy, the sexual life of every man changes. He gets a chance to realize the erection and sexual act. Erectile dysfunction loses this chance when the erection process is destroyed.

Cenforce effect on the man’s intimate life

When the preparation is considered an analogue of the Viagras, it has the same active substance in its stock. It is called Sildenafil. Since 1992, this has been the most popular sacred substance for all men. This year, the first packs of “a href=”/”>Viagra were produced.

Since that time various versions of the known preparation appear and Cenforce 200 is no exception. It stabilizes the blood flow in the organs of the small pelvis and pushes it favorably. In its effect, sildenafil makes the smooth muscles in the penis far and it allows the blood to be carried out to the end of the sex organ.

Sexual enhancer Cenforce 100 gives the man the hope of complete healing when it does not stop the symptoms of dysfunction, but also treats erectile dysfunction.

Indications for the use of the product include:

  • weak potency and erection;
  • The treatment of ED;
  • The treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
  • in heart failure, including

How do I take the drug?

As it is already known, each medicine has its own dosage. For example, you can hit Cenforce 150 mg or even 200 mg. The digits mean how many active substances there are in a pill. When the doctor makes a prescription, he always assumes how severe the disease is. So if the man has the minor erectile disorders, he chooses for the patient to purchase a small dose – Cenforce 100 without a prescription. If you need a long-term and more serious treatment, you should use the largest dose.

One pill per day and no longer is the first rule of intake. Drink them with water 30 – 40 minutes before sex. According to the Cenforce 200 experiences of a man, it can be said that the duration of action counts for 4- to 5 hours.

Overview of Cenforce Side Effects

It is necessary to consult with the doctor before taking the sexual enhancer. You need to tell him about all your diseases associated with the heart system, liver or high pressure. This is very important as it can help to avoid the undesirable side effects. Notice possible changes:

  • skin redness;
  • scins;
  • nausea;
  • Sniffing.

Be attentive with storage!

All such preparations are stored far from the children. You should also choose a dark and cool place for it.


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