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The urologists call the disorders of erectile dysfunction the problem of the century in the world. That’s right. One in two people complain about it. The conditions of development are widespread in modern society. Some blame the terrible ecology. The others are claiming that the earth is starting to go faster and that disturbs people’s health.

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Erectile dysfunction medications over-the-counter


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Human health begins with the culture of his life. Does he play sports? Is he active? Are his thoughts positive? Is he up to all the problems? What is his mood like? Does he love? And finally, what does man eat? Perhaps no one can answer all this question positively. Having problems in life is to experience problems with health.

As all wise people say, you get your illnesses out of your head. This claim is also correct for men: stress, no exercise, professional overload.

What does having the erectile dysfunction mean?

Prescription-free remedies for erectile dysfunction

This means losing one of the important functions of the male organism. That is terrible, but that is a sad truth of today.

If you buy drugs for erectile dysfunction over the counter, ask yourself: Is this correct? Poor erection is a serious disorder. First you should get a consultation from the doctor. But what do you do first in reality? He goes to a drugstore and demands the drug against all diseases. She must help. In order to buy remedies for erectile dysfunction over the counter, one should know the name of this remedy.

Each organism is individual. There are no two similar bodies in the world. So there has to be a personal approach to everyone. The personification of the patient is a new trend in medicine. The peculiarities of the organism and the characteristics of personal life play a major role here. And if you want to choose a new remedy for erectile dysfunction, he must first study and make the diagnosis: Why do I need this or that medicine?

To explain the disturbances, you start to evaluate yourself according to some criteria. For example, you can measure your blood pressure or pulse every morning. Or start with the weight of the body.
If you still want to fight against erectile dysfunction over-the-counter, you will find a good online drugstore for it. Certain progresses will reach you as such drugstores such as pensivepediatrician can provide useful and detailed data on all sexual enhancers.

What over-the-counter erectile dysfunction medications can I buy?

First, remember all your symptoms. Then read the descriptions of the preparations and choose the appropriate one. This is so easy to do on the good web pharmacy. The over-the-counter medications for erectile dysfunction can also be found here. These may include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The duration of action of Viagra counts for 6 hours, for Levitra – about 10 hours. Cialis is active for 36 hours. Viagra and Cialis support the normal state of erection during sex act.

These potency drugs can solve your problems with erectile function in 20-30 minutes. Levitra with its active ingredient Vardenafil corrects yet another problem that is associated with premature ejaculation. Multifunctionality of this preparation is popular, so many men want to buy these anti-prescription drugs best for erectile dysfunction.

Don’t forget about contraindications and side effects, while he chooses new sexual enhancer over-the-counter. These contraindications refer to the people who complain of such diseases:

  • heart failure;
  • infarkte;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • allergies;
  • High blood pressure.

But these men also want to buy drugs for erectile dysfunction over the counter and then use them. You may only take erectile care medications under the supervision of the doctor. Use the impotence drugs properly and only once a day to avoid any side effects, such as pain in the head or back.


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