Fildena over the counter

Fildena 100 – Preparation against impotence

A man’s energy depends directly on his sexual activity. Not only successes in career growth give the modern man confidence, but also success in bed, often this is the main indicator and developmental impulse for his male validity. But the pleasant moments associated with sex can disappear thanks to erectile dysfunction. These disturbances during sex do not appear only because of age or illnesses. The reasons for this are the unhealthy lifestyle or stress.


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Fortunately, the men find the solutions to this problem for themselves. Some use the people’s media or exercise and have a healthy diet. But the always busy people prefer Fildena without a prescription to find and use for it.

What is Fildena?

Today, there is a majority of sexual enhancers that have been used for a very long time. They help safely and effectively. Men take Viagra or Levitra, often they use Cialis. But with each passing day, it develops pharmacology strongly, so the new sexual enhancers appear, which do not follow the previous ones in quality. This group of news includes Fildena – Generics from Viagra.

Sildenafil is an active substance for both preparations, so it works effectively in both. The difference between them is mostly in ancillary substances. Thus, Fildena 100 assures a perfect erection and its stability during traffic. This is the main problem with erectile dysfunction to solve.

Effect of Fildena

Sildenafil is an inhibitor of the group of PDE-5, which manages the nitrogen oxide during sexual stimulation. The active ingredient gives a strong blood flow to the erogenous zones of the man, into the corpus cavities of the penis so said. This leads to the achievement of normal erection to realize a traffic. After that, the penis is again not ruled, as it occurs in normal men. Effect of Fildena takes about 4 hours. But it is really important that at the work of the preparation the man must feel a natural arousal. In any case, the active ingredient will not work.

How often and how much do You need to take the preparation?

Like any other drug of the same type, you should only use one pill of Fildena 100 mg. There are also other dosages – 25 mg, 50 mg and 150 mg of the active substance per tablet, but cheap variant is a pill with 100 mg per day.

There is also Fildena Extra Power 150 mg. This is the largest dosage of the preparation and it is only after the doctor’s prescription that you can take it. So the increase and reduction of the dosage are the things of the urologist. Even doing that is forbidden. In order to get a good effect, you should drink the preparation with water 30 minutes before the planned sex. The effect will begin after the hour.

Eating fat or alcohol drinks before using the potentiator is not a good idea. In any case, the active substance will work, but its work will be slowed down.

Side Effects

It’s not that hard to make. Enough is the rule to follow the intake and to know about the contraindications. There are some contraindications:

  • the trauma of the penis;
  • the age under 18 and over 65;
  • infarction conditions or 6 months ago and later survived infarction;
  • liver and kidney disease.
  • The allergic reactions to components of the preparation.

Side effects include headache and abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting, nausea.

Preservation of the preparation

If you want to store your preparation very accurately, place it in a dark place. It would be better to keep it in a container at room temperature (about 25 °C).