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Levitra Professional over the counter

The success of every man is not just about good work and career. To do this, he needs a happy family and a successful sex life. Human relationships are formed through understanding and love. Sex also plays a big role in this. Too bad, but not all men can boast good potency. Such a sad situation needs a proper solution. In many cases, Levitra Professional.

The absence of male power depends on various physiological reasons. But not just of it. Stress, depression, personal failures – these are all psychological causes of bad erection.

How can we get it? We will continue to talk about this in this article.

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What is Levitra Professional Generics?

Levitra Professional Generic

This is an analogof to the potency drug Levitra. Both have the same active ingredient – vardenafil. Generic costs much cheaper than original. That can be explained. The analogue uses almost the same name and effect as original preparation, so no additional advertising is needed. But everything is legitimate to appear as generics when the original loses its patent power after a time.

Named preparations solve one of humanity’s important problems – erectile dysfunction. Now you can find Levitra Professional in any pharmacy without a prescription.

How does the drug work?

With medical terminology one can explain the process of action of the preparation:

  • man takes a dose of the drug 20 minutes before the sexual act;
  • after a time, the blood flow in the man’s sex system increases;
  • the corpus cavities of the penis expand actively;
  • The blood circulates effectively there;
  • the erection appears and lasts throughout the period of traffic.

The numerous Levitra Professional testimonials of the men confirm this information. You only get the positive emotions after taking the preparation. Well! That helps!

Who is the dosage of 20 mg suitable for?

Levitra Professional

The success of the treatment depends on the correct dose of the potentiator. A pill containing 20 mg of the active substance assures a vigorous erection for 6 hours, but only with the condition of natural sexual stimulation. Only one tablet per day!

Side effects of using the drug

Each man asks himself when he buys Levitra Professional: does the remedy have side effects? A real question for those who buy the potentiator only for the first time. That’s right. There are a few:

  • Allergic reactions to the preparation;
  • headache;
  • scins;
  • Skin redness.

None of this is dangerous and can disappear after a few days. But you don’t have to increase the dose yourself.

The conditions of preservation

Once you order Levitra Professional, keep it in a cool and dark place. The temperature does not have to be higher than 25 Celsius.

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