Levitra Soft

Levitra Soft Tabs

Sex is the first thing most men think about. The representatives of the strong generation believe that it is its power and power. But you know to lose erectile possibility. This happens when the man has the problems with health. These can be heart disease. You don’t lead a healthy lifestyle and that affects the whole state of the organism. So the reasons can be different but the result is always the same – the erectile dysfunction.

The drug, which is now very popular, is called Levitra Soft 10 mg. The men who use it buy it online without an over-the-counter. This possibility is valued by all types of buyers, but the potential mediaclients prefer it. They sit at home and choose and buy the goods without being ashamed.

Levitra Soft
20mg × 10 Pills
33.80 €
20mg × 20 Pills
42.57 €
20mg × 30 Pills
51.34 €
20mg × 60 Pills
77.64 €
20mg × 90 Pills
103.95 €
20mg × 120 Pills
130.26 €
20mg × 180 Pills
182.87 €
20mg × 270 Pills
261.78 €
20mg × 360 Pills
340.70 €

Short characteristics of the drug

Active substanceVardenafil
Active after10 – 15 Minutes
Effect time8 – 12 Hours
Recommended dose20 mg

How to use Levitra Soft Tabs?

Levitra Soft Tablets against Impotence

These are the real symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • bad erection;
  • Lack of erectile ability;
  • Absence of morning and night erections.

This means that your organism is ticking wrong. With such symptoms, a man undoubtedly goes to the urologist. This is a specialist who determines the causes of erectile dysfunction, makes a diagnosis and makes a suitable prescription. He is the first enemy of your erectile disorder. Symptoms indicate an unconditional intake of potency preparations, such generics as Levitra 20 mg.

Effect of Levitra Soft

Levitra Soft Tabs Effect

Since 1998, when Viagra was invented, it became known that a favorable flow of blood to the penis can create a proper erection. This is based on the mechanism of erection. The blood fills the sexual organ and it becomes strong and hard. With erectile dysfunction this possibility cannot be realized because of PDE inhibition. The main in these tablets is active ingredient Vardenafil. This is one of the important inhibitors that block PDE inhibitors. When ordered such a drug he can be sure that his male powers will return.

Dosage of Levitra Soft Tabs

The taste of these pills is delicious. They are even called sweets. If you buy Levitra Soft online, you can get detailed information. There are some dosages of this preparation – 10 mg and 20 mg of the active substance per tablet. Only the doctor can measure this and after a medical examination one gets a dose and prescriptions for treatment. Everyone is only allowed to take one pill per day. Do not enlarge a dose yourself! A first favorable dose contains 10 mg. The preparation works during 8- 12 hours and the man realizes 5 – 6 sexual intercourse.

Side Effects and Contraindications

Levitra Soft Tabs Side effects

Urologists forbid the use of the potentiator together with nitrates and carcinogens. Their interaction with the drug can have a negative impact on the man’s well-being.
On the day of taking the sexual enhancer, do not take any other medications, such as painkillers, antidepressants, antibiotics and sleeping pills.

Side effects include nausea, periodic sleepiness, headaches and other signs of discomfort.

These preparations can be taken every day or as needed. So taking is common. Important contraindications include some diseases that the man has other than impotence: liver and kidney failure, heart attack, etc. If the man allergic reactions to the component of the preparation is also impossible to take.

Notice the conditions of probation!

This is a serious preparation, so it can be preserved in a special regime. The temperature should not be above 25 °C. It is recommended by the children to hide it.

Can I take alcohol?

With this means, a man is allowed to drink alcohol. It does not mean that r must be drunk before sex. A lot of alcohol kills the fear of partner and the intimate relationships become easier.

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