A woman’s sex life: unpacking the truth


This is one of the most important components of female health – sex. Sex life should be important not only for men, but also for women. In addition to physiological pleasure, sex brings the emotionalpositive positive emotions and stimuli. One can certainly benefit from this: good mood, good well-being and love are to be obtained.


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The problems with female potency are already a reality. The preparations, on the other hand, now appear very often. This is how you buy them without a prescription. Such over-the-counter Lovegra buy cheap ly the ladies who want to increase their strength and pleasure during sex. You do this via the Internet and find it convenient.

Women need potency drug Lovegra to buy. Is that true?

The problem of female sexual dysfunction is one of the most important in the female world. What does that mean? – the disturbances in the intimate sphere mean:

  • The failures of sex;
  • orgasm deficiency;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • Frigidity;

If these symptoms do not disappear, be sure to consult the doctor. The medical procedures are different, but there is a pharmacological remedy that can often help faster.

Healing Effects of the Preparation

A woman is annoyed to talk about her sexual problems and that is her main mistake. Silence cannot solve the problem, but a lady does not have to turn to her friends or husband. This disorder can be corrected by the doctor and Lovegra effect. The active substance of the preparation is Sildenafil, which acts as an active PDE inhibitor.

Due to the weak blood circulation in the area of the small pelvis, the activity of the mucous gland deteriorates. Lovegra experiences claim that this preparation improves the blood flow and makes sexual intercourse possible for women. Lovegra price is not so cheap, but its help to women is valuable.

Lovegra Pharmacy: the consultations on dosage

The instruction on this product repeats on the one hand the recommendations when taking the male potency preparations. On the other hand, it has some other characteristics. There is 100 mg of the active substance in a pill. So it works effectively for 6 hours. Those who took the test for this are satisfied. The first step is to order Lovegra online. Only one tablet per day is allowed. The disruption of this rule leads to the Lovegra side effects.

Taking the drug should be careful!

Sexual enhancer Lovegra

First it is to say that buying Lovegra in Germany is impossible. This is how the men surf the internet drugstores for this. Taking the drug can have such side effects not only the pleasure, but also under certain circumstances:

  • disturbances of vision and hearing;
  • Severe headache;
  • nausea;
  • Facial redness.

Perhaps these are the reasons why Lovegra is banned in pharmacies in Germany. There are no reasons to be afraid of it. It is clear that after a few days such phenomena disappear. If it doesn’t happen, contact the doctor. This happens very rarely.

Lovegra Online Buy and Preserve

Shopping on the net is popular and convenient. You save time and money. He saves his strength. To acquire such a drug in a pharmacy means to be annoyed. If you plan to buy Lovegra in Germany, he should use internet service.

It is also recommended to keep such preparations at temperature below 25 °C. There will also be a dark place for this.

Alcohol consumption when ingested

Alcohol is prohibited. A small amount of alcohol before sex may be allowed. But if a lady drinks too much, her sexual sensations will decrease.

Duration of effect6 Hours
A way of ordering Lovegra in GermanyInternet
Main componentSildenafil
Active ingredient quantity100 mg per Pill