Male health is only to be taken seriously!


Thanks to the work of the active ingredient in Lovevitra 20, the effect on the blood circuit system occurs in the man’s genitals. The blood flow increases in the corpus cavencells of the genital organs. The preparation does not affect the hormones and their number in the blood. On course it renews and then it awakens and prolongs the erectile possibility.


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Successful sexual enhancer: Lovevitra experience

Every man must pay great attention to his health. The sexual side of his life is also important. So if there are problems, she turns most to Vardenafil Lovevitra.

Among the most common signs of sexual dysfunction in men are the following disorders of erectile dysfunction:

  • involuntary erection;
  • in-morning erection deficiency;
  • The absence of erection in a useful moment;
  • im possibility to support an erection.

The presented preparation Lovevitra 20 mg Vardenafil belongs to the generics of Levitra and has the same active ingredient.

The instruction to dosing Lovevitra 20 mg and 40 mg

The active substance of the preparation can be found most in the amount of 20 mg or 40 mg. There is also such dosage – Lovevitra Vardenafil. The first recommended dose counts 10 mg of the drug, but not more than 1 pill per day. You should drink this medicine with the water 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. 20 – 30 minutes after ingestion, the tablets become effective.

The Lovevitra 40 pill contains a larger dosage than a standard tablet. You should take half the pill.

Side effects: are they harmful?

Vardenafil Lovevitra 20

These are not as terrible as the doctors tell us. It is clear that they should be avoided. But there is a situation. If at the beginning of the treatment course with Vardenafil Lovevitra 20 the organism of the man is given to the drug, so some side effects may appear:

  • head or back pain or both;
  • dizziness or shortness of breath;
  • disturbances of vision;
  • skin redness of the face.

These changes in the organism are temporal and go away very quickly. We must not be afraid of it.

Buy Lovevitra: how to preserve it?

This information can be found in any instruction on the preparation. It is prescribed to preserve such medical means far from the children and the elderly, as such drugs of this category of people are prohibited. The temperature of the bearing must be around 25 °C.

Alcohol and potency preparations

The doctors advise the alcohol drinks with the do not use. This can act harmfully to the organism and to the effective quality of the preparation. You should notice this if you want to order Lovevitra without an over-the-counter.

DurationAbout 12 hours
Deadline of effect20 – 30 minutes
Possibility of the next erection20 minutes after the first erection