Malegra FXT

The man’s main problem to solve: buying Malegra FXT

Malegra FXT

Reproduction is really an ancient instinct for women and for men. Therefore, the problems in the intimate sphere are essential and delicate for both sides. There are the medical means that enjoy a popularity of men all over the world. One of them is Malegra FXT Plus.


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Thanks to the modern information techniques, you can get the preparation on the Internet without a prescription.

The goal of the remedy – to improve erectile function

Viagra Malegra FXT is no secret. The PDE inhibitor Sildenafil Citrate is the main active ingredient of the agent. It affects the blood flow to the man’s genitals and strongly supports them. The man will definitely achieve an erection. The smooth muscles in the penis expand and let the organs of the small pelvis fill with the blood. There is an additional active substance in this preparation – fluoxetine. This substance makes sexual intercourse longer and more colorful. When buying Malegra FXT, the man makes his sexual life better.

Do you really need Malegra FXT experiences?

A need in sexual enhancers appears when you feel unsafe in bed. You can also add such symptoms:

  • problems with erection in the morning and at night;
  • support of erection during sex does not work;
  • weak erectile function.

You run to the doctor and ask for your help. The urologist claims that Malegra FXT can be found online and over-the-counter.

Intake and perfect dose

This tablet is only taken once a day. Drink a pill of Malegra FXT (Sildenafil + Fluoxetine) 100 / 60 mg with the water 30 – 40 minutes before intimate activity and in an hour you will be ready! When the man starts a healing course for the first time, he must take half of the tablet. As a rule, the standard dose of Malegra FXT is 140 mg. She will work 4-6 hours and make your life more colourful. Is it recommended in no way to increase this dosage than this can lead to the unwanted even allergic manifestations.

Malegra FXT side effects are to be avoided!

Malegra FXT side effects

The manufacturers warn in the instructions for the preparations that there are some side effects. What are these disorders and are they very harmful? In fact, these are the allergic reactions you feel when you take the wrong dose or overdose. They are different and individually conditional:

  • disorders of sleep;
  • anopsy (vision disorder);
  • scins;
  • reduced appetite;
  • headache;
  • Anxiety.

Most of these disturbances are harmless when they leave in a few days.

The recommendations from the pharmacy

The conditions of storage are particularly but can be met. The preparation Malegra FXT Plus 160 mg is kept in a place where cold and no light penetrates.

Harmful substances are resistant to potency

Nowadays you consume a lot of alcohol and smoke. When treating impotence with these , alcoholic beverages may not be taken. The ban also applies to fatty foods.

Active substancesSildenafil and Fluoxetine
TimeNo more than 6 hours
Dose160 mg, 140 mg