Silagra is always on potency watch!

Silagra otc

One of the important problems of today’s men is the full or partial loss of potency. Erection is an energy-consuming process. During a sexual act, a man loses as much energy as if he had dumped a ton of sand. Therefore, regular mega-fatigue can also impair potency. The fact is that the external factors greatly harm the inner potential of the man.


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The inability to realize the sexual act can negatively affect the self-confidence of the man. As a rule, the men who notice the first symptoms of the disease – erectile dysfunction – do not want help. This applies not only to family or friends, but also to the doctors. The man believes that the potency can never be brought back. He makes a big mistake when counseling with the urologist is the first step towards healing.

After the medical examination, the specialist often recommends buying such preparations as Silagra online. This sexual enhancer is an analogue of Viagra and has a positive effect on male health and strength! You get this medicine in a pharmacy without a medical prescription. But otherwise it would be better to visit the doctor first.

Pharmacological remedies against impotence: how do they help?

There is a category of drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. They are called sexual enhancers. The history of the appearance of such pharmacological products begins in 1992, when Viagra was first produced. At first it was thought of as a remedy for high-pressure diseases, but during research of the active substance sildenafil, scientists understood that the drug still had a strong and effective property – it treats poor erection.

On the basis of sildenafil there are many sexual enhancers. One of them is Silagra 100. The preparation is busy with solving various problems with erection. After taking the tablet for the first time, the man feels the renovation of the potency. The constant use of the preparation helps to dispense with the erectile disorders. Buying Silagra is your way to healing.

Information about the effect of Silagra 100 mg

All sexual enhancers have one goal – to restore erection. The process of erection is not difficult and you need a favorable amount of blood in the genitals to realize it. An erection occurs with an increase in blood flow to the penis. This means that when you buy Silagra 100 and then use it, such a situation arises: a network of empty blood vessels that are in the corpus cavities is filled, the penis becomes thicker and longer until it is completely filled with blood. So he’s done for the sex act. That is why Silagra is popular in Germany and in the other countries of the world.

Dosage of the preparation: what can this be?

Before ordering Silagra, consult with your doctor. This is a correct but serious decision to take the sexual enhancers. The previous medical examination is also a good thing. All causes of erectile dysfunction will be unmasked.

There is Silagra 100 mg to buy and it seems to be a cheap dosage. This also allows you to save money, especially if you want to use the money in the long term. The man takes a tablet every day and no more. The overdose is dangerous. The effect begins 1 hour after ingestion and lasts about 5 hours. You can also get Silagra shipping from Germany if you have ordered the product on the Internet. The packs of the potentiator usually consist of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 270 tablets. Choose the right one.

Possible Side Effect With Silagra Experiences

Before ordering Silagra 100, tell your doctor about your illnesses and diseases associated with vision, blood, heart or high pressure. This is important to avoid the possible side effect. In the list of side effects are such:

  • allergic reactions such as rash, swelling to the face, lips or tongue;
  • breathing problems;
  • hearing changes;
  • changes in vision;
  • Breast pain;
  • fast, irregular heartbeat;
  • extended or painful erection (more than 4 hours).

The special features of storage

Many prefer to order Silagra securely on the Internet. This is really a chance to get the preparation quickly and conveniently. But you also have to keep it right: far from the children and at room temperature – not above 30 °C.