Sildalis otc

The men experience failures in bed very difficult as they have become accustomed to always being in the first place in life. Pharmacological industry annually works out the to correct men’s health. Sildalis is a novelty among the other potency drugs. This preparation is often bought in the internet pharmacies, as such the buyer without a prescription assures an anonymity.


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What is Sildalis?

If the man refers seriously to his health, if he notices every negative change in the organism of intimate character and strives for healing, he likes to choose sexual enhancers. This is an easy way to correct the erectile function. Erectile dysfunction must first be defined by the doctor. The urologist determines the treatment. Only then is you entitled to buy Sildalist online.

Some men use this preparation every day or at their request, at certain moments. This depends on the difficulty of the disturbance.

Effect of the preparation

Most of all, the potency drug has only one active substance, which plays a major role in healing. But Sildalis 120 mg differs. This is a combination preparation, as two active ingredients have. It consists of Tadalafil and Sildenafil. These are the components of the famous means such as Cialis and Viagra. This combined drug allows a powerful and stable erection while prolonging the sexual act.

According to the Sildalis experience of men, the agent combines the properties of both active substances and becomes more effective.

Ingestion and dosage

You should only take one tablet of the preparation per day. The duration of his activity consists of 36 hours. Each pill has 120 mg of active substances and performs its tasks completely.

Side Effects

Possible side effects when taking the potentiator include:

  • nausea;
  • pain in the head and hands or feet;
  • scins;
  • Sniffing.

How do I store the drug?

The storage conditions are in a correct temperature – 25 °C – and the right place, which must be dark and cool.

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