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Premature ejaculation is a constant or often repeated ejaculation that occurs as a result of minimal sexual stimulation. This happens during or immediately after the introduction of the penis and before the desire of the man to appear. This is a serious problem of sexual character. So men often need premature ejaculation medications over-the-counter.

This disorder is just one side of erectile dysfunction. But you have to pay attention to it.


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The best over-the-counter remedies for premature ejaculatory effusion

These preparations include the already known Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in connection with dapoxetine. They give the man the opportunity to go through multiple sexual intercourse. The first act will be the fastest, the next one will take more time. This also helps to prevent early ejaculation.

How to use over-the-counter remedies for premature ejaculatory effusion?

There are some rules that should be met when taking the preparations:

  • tablets are taken orally regardless of food intake.
  • You should swallow them completely without chewing and drinking with water.
  • Take the medication 25-60 minutes before sexual contact.
  • The recommended dose per day is 1 tablet.
  • For older or impaired renal function men, only 5 mg.

The list of side effects is short

If you are going to buy the premature ejaculatory drug over-the-counter, it must take into care of these possible side effects:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • scins;
  • Redness of the facial skin;
  • Stuffed nose.

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